Printer Maintenance & Services

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Laser Lab Increases Your Printing Efficiency & Lowers Your Costs

Your printers are prone to a lot more wear and tear than other computer equipment. Paper dust and other build-up can result in poor print quality and will often lead to more serious problems. Pick-up rollers wear over time leading to annoying paper jams. Laser Lab strongly advocates regular preventative maintenance to help maintain excellent output quality and reduce the possibility of expensive repairs.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best, most experienced service and support team for printer maintenance and service in the industry. We are a full-service, authorized printer maintenance service provider for most major printer manufacturers. Our team is factory trained and certified on all aspects of equipment maintenance, making us your one source for printer maintenance.

Many companies are looking for meaningful strategies to cut overhead expenses and find ways to boost productivity and return on assets. We make sure cutting expenses doesn’t mean harming productivity.

Laser Lab Managed Print Solutions Benefits

  • Know exact cost of printing
  • Optimize deployment of printer fleet
  • Monitor printer fleet usage
  • Streamline accounts payable process
  • One contract, one invoice, one vendor
  • Monthly reports by department & machine
  • Service & repair included in cost per image
  • Hardware parts replacement & repair included in cost per image
  • Cartridges included in cost per image
  • Regular maintenance & cleaning
  • Simplify inventory management of cartridges
  • Proactive service with scheduled preventive maintenance
  • Optimized printer performance
  • Extended life of machines
  • Free up IT to focus on mission-critical issues
  • Improve end-user productivity

Benefits of Our Managed Print Solutions

PrintWeb™ Total Care

Imagine if printers could talk. With Laser Lab, they now can. Our free software monitors your entire fleet of printers. It tracks toner and maintenance kit levels, error messages, and more. There’s no need to keep excessive inventory. You are alerted by email when it’s time to replace your toner. Downtime is kept to a minimum, because you are alerted when your printer needs service.

Reduce Costs

With Laser Lab, we work with you to understand exactly what you are spending on print and where you are spending it. This information can then be used to design a print solution that will cut costs and reduce inefficiencies. With regular reviews, we ensure that your ROI will be achieved and your targets are met now and in the long term.

Increase Productivity

With Laser Lab managing your print services for you, you free up valuable staff members’ time, helping them focus on business-critical activities. We also ensure devices are used at their optimum level and can deliver business process improvements that will increase productivity across your organization.

Heighten Security

Because security breaches damage your brand and result in severe fines, it’s protection that pays dividends in the long term. An audit by Laser Lab will reveal potential improvements to endpoint print security in your infrastructure. We can then implement enhancements so you can keep information away from those not authorized to see it, as well as achieving regulatory compliance.

Improve Sustainability

By rationalizing your print infrastructure and helping you change and monitor print behavior, Laser Lab helps you reduce waste and cut the energy and paper consumption of your devices. In addition, with our regular reviews to assess your environmental impact and our latest printer technologies, we help you reduce your carbon footprint.

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